Important phone numbers

  • Society for Patients Rights: assists in utilizing patients’ rights at the HMO’s and the health system | 03-602-2934 |


  • The Speech Therapist Association: information about treatment programs in the community |03-9217815 | P.O.B 2848 Petah Tikva 49127


  • Service for the Elderly: at the Department of Social Services (Welfare) – associations for the elderly | 03-6144444


  • Eyal – Israeli Epilepsy Association:02-5000183 |


  • Bizchut – Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities: 02-6521308 | 



  • National Insurance Institution: national call center 1-222-6050| |


טלפונים חשובים


  • The national Institution for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured:


  • “Reuth – Eshel” Information Center: provides information about rehab, nursing and geriatrics 1-770-700-204 |


  • Milbat: the israeli center for physical aids, construction and transportation for thedisabled – provides personal professionaladvice for selecting suitable physical aids for every area of function. At the display center at the Tel Hashomer Hospital, you can personally trial a wide variety of physical aids.


  • The Adler Aphasia Center – a center for the long term treatment of aphasia 20-6291309 | |


  • NHTSA – the Health Ministry’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 04-8633555 | 15A Palyam Street, 20th floor, Haifa 03-5634702 | 12 Ha’arbaa Street, Tel Aviv


  • Karten – Institute of Computer Technology Uses: adjusting the computer environment to people with disabilities, hardware and software. 03-9190767 |



  • Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities: 02-6549558 |


  • Ezra LeMarpeh – rehab day center: day center operated by Rabby Firer. Conditional upon utilizing all medical rights. 03-5777021 |




  • The Yad Sarah Association: lending medical and rehab equipment – *6444. Dental treatments for patients confined to their homes, legal counsel for people over 60, in collaboration with Yad Riva.