Our Social Clubs

One out of every five stroke victims in Israel is a young person under 65. After utilizing an overly short rehab basket they are left to cope on their own with their personal and familial tragedy with no supportive government policy to recognize their needs.
Many victims are not able to go back to work. Their circle of friends shrinks and they wind up leading a lonely existence causing despair and depression.

מועדון נאמן
The Neeman Association has established and operates social clubs for stroke victims and their families around the country. These clubs seek to provide an answer for the victims themselves by administering long-term support and rehab care. They deliver physical therapy occupational and art therapy, social and cultural activities – lectures, party games excursions and holiday ceremonies – and provide information. Such activities form the basis for the formation of a social group composed of people who share the same troubles and concerns and can provide a place to unload one’s worries and learn more effective coping methods. They can add zest and purpose to the lives of the victims and their spouses following the shock of the stroke and assist them in maintaining rehab gains and preventing physical and mental deterioration of the victims and their supportive spouses.

Through mutual experiences at the social clubs special relationships of care and assistance are formed. Victims are also provided with information as to the services available and with advice on fully utilizing their rights..