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Care, Advice and Support

Neeman offers information, support groups and online support for stroke victims and their families

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of stroke!

Feeling lost? Need Help?

Our Suppurt line is here for stroke patients and family members, we give practical advice, advice about rights and emotional suppurt.

physical activity

Preventing The Stroke

Lifestyle changes can reduce risk factors, improve health parameters and functionallity
patients rights

Rights of Stroke patients

Patient's rights and treatments can be quite complex and understanding them takes time and effort
מועדון נאמן

Our Social Clubs

Neeman established and operates social clubs for stroke victims and their families around Israel
what is stroke?

What is a stroke ?

Stroke is the third most frequent cause of death in the Western world, and is responsible for about

How can you contribute?

Donating and contributing to Neeman helps us promote better care and beter rights for stroke victims and their families!